MaacoSan Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

OFFERING SUMMARY Price: $1,411,000 CAP Rate: 7.18% Lease Type: Absolute NNN Guarantor: Franchisee Gross Leasable Area: 10,750 SF Year Built: 1982 OFFERING HIGHLIGHTS Absolute Triple Net Lease Runs Through 2027 Attractive Increases in Option Guaranteed by Highly...
Full Floor CondoAustin, TX

Full Floor Condo
Austin, TX

OFFERING SUMMARY List Price: $1,637,776CAP Rate: N/A, VacantGross Leasable Area: 6,289 SFYear Built: 1982 OFFERING HIGHLIGHTS Full Top Floor Office Condo Located in Westlake Hills, Austin, Texas Priced Under Replacement Cost INVESTMENT OVERVIEW Diffie Retail Team at...
Aaron’s CenterHenderson, NC

Aaron’s Center
Henderson, NC

OFFERING SUMMARY List Price: $1,920,423CAP Rate: 8.25%Number of Suites: 3Gross Leasable Area: 9,800 SFYear Built: 2004 OFFERING HIGHLIGHTS Minimal Landlord Responsibilities Aaron’s Corporate Lease Executed January 1, 2019 Experienced Corporate U.S. Cellular...
Aaron’s CenterPorterville, CA

Aaron’s Center
Porterville, CA

OFFERING SUMMARY List Price: $1,648,360CAP Rate: 7.5%Number of Suites: 4Guarantee: Apple Texas, Inc.Approximate Leasable Area: 10,150 SFYear Built: 2007 OFFERING HIGHLIGHTS Retail Center Anchored by Aaron’s Corporate Most Leases are Triple Net–Minimal...